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    Default Does image skill displacement filter wortk in V11?

    I have been try to install this filter, but it only installs to XDPX. Does it not work in XP&GD 11?
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    Default Re: Does image skill displacement filter wortk in V11?

    Hi Larry First I moved this to the plugins forum

    I have no problems running the Image skill displacement filter in DP11 on Windows 10.

    I have a folder outside of my xara programs called filters or something like that where I install most 3rd party plug ins, and I use the set up button on the FX info bar to bring up the effects and plugins options panel and point Xara to my filters folder. This way it's easy to bring all my plugins back into the program after upgrading or doing a uninstall/reinstall. I just point it to the folder again.

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