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    I am using Magix Webdesigner 10 premium and I am new to it. I am working on a website with a lot of pages and I need a page navigation on the bottom of every page. Like the one this forum has which you can see on the the top and bottom of the page.

    How can you accomplish that with Magix Webdesigner 10 premium?

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    The simplest way to do this is create a text based navigation, for example XARA.COM | TALKGRAPHICS.COM | WEATHER.COM With the appropriate links.

    Right click on the linked text and select Position on Page > Footer. Then right click on the text and select Repeat on all Pages. Now the text navigation bar will appear at the bottom of all pages on your site in the same position, even if the page is longer or shorter.

    You can also create or use on of the designed navigation bars from the Page & Layer Gallery set the same way.

    This information is sketchy. Let us know if you need more detailed info.



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