I haven't seen this posted anywhere. There is a change of Web Hosting this year. Last year, I used the coupon that came with XDPX10 to pay for my M hosting for 1 year. This year when I asked to do the same thing with the coupon received with XDPX11, I was given the following message by Magix:

"I have checked with the Online team and unfortunately it is not good news. They cannot redeem this coupon against the MAGIX Online World service, because it is for XARA Online hosting. They changed the hosting offer this year for the Web Designer product, it is all moving to the XARA side."

As far as I can understand, there are now two M hosting sites, one coming under Magix, the other under Xara: www.magix-online.com and www.Xara-online.com. I noticed that on the Magix site, they mention Xara X10 but not mention of X11. These are run independently of each other, even though the packages appear to be the same.

I presume that I will now have to pay for the Magix M package, and if I accept the Xara M package I will have to pay for that after a year as well (unless offered with X12 next year). I want to take advantage of the Xara coupon, but I don't need another domain, so this is redundant. In fact, this smells like Magix is planning to spin off Xara. Or, Magix is planning to kill off their hosting package.

Has anyone else had this problem? Resolved it in some other way? Comments?

It would be really nice if Xara and Magix explained this somewhere. Maybe they have but I haven't seen it. Anyone seen an explanation somewhere?

Below is the content of the Hosting Upgrade from Xara:

"This is the coupon code for your free hosting upgrade & domain:

All Xara Designer titles include a free website hosting offer, but Xara Web Designer Premium and Xara Designer Pro owners can upgrade for free to the ‘Website M’ hosting option, which includes
2 GB of web space and a top level domain. All free for 12 months!

You can open your 'Website M’ account here:
simply enter your coupon code during registration and the price will adjust to 0."