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    Default My Very First Xara Website (and wide screen!)

    Hello friends,

    finally finished my first website using Xara. http://www.pureonite.com/

    My client seems happy this being stage 1. its only one very long page.

    I must admit, I am very impressed the Xara and wrapped I purchased it. I find it very easy to use and if i want to do anything there seems to be a way. Im now starting my own site...hhmm...probably should show my fellow competitors but its work in progress and feedback welcome www.mediakitchen.co.nz

    Ive notice if i use a transparent PNG file over on top of another transparent background it forms a white box on the png. other than wrapped!

    Very keen to stick with Xara and I hope something can be integrated to support CMS in the near future.


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    Default Re: My Very First Xara Website (and wide screen!)

    Congratulations on your first Xara website!

    There are a few typos in there and mis-spelling of the product name!

    In some places the text flow and spacing is very odd. In some places the text seems to be an image (particularly with bullet lists).

    I think the colour and size of the form could be revised (the green doesn't match and the form is very small). I'm not sure it's a great idea using that free form - saves money but it's advertising itself.

    I had to look up the ingredients because I hadn't ever heard of this product, and your site is the only reference to it. Seems it's Fullers Earth+husks. I did expect that the rather ambitious medical benefits would have some kind of reference to substantiate them, but I couldn't find anything. It seems the use of the main ingredients is well known in that industry sector.

    Next time around, I'd give the index page a relevant title and provide alt-text for all of your images.

    I've pointed out a lot of small things, but you should be pleased with your first site.

    I would gush a bit more but I'm not a believer in all of the claims made on this site.

    Good luck with the next one!


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    Default Re: My Very First Xara Website (and wide screen!)

    Hi William

    I have moved your thread to the Web Gallery forum.

    Both sites load slow for me. Might be because I am pretty far from New Zealand. I like your Media Kitchen site a lot once it loads. The design is very clean and effective.
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    Default Re: My Very First Xara Website (and wide screen!)

    I've also noticed - there's no phone number, company name, or anything to say who is selling the product!

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    Default Re: My Very First Xara Website (and wide screen!)

    Cool website!
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