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    Default Re: Link text fields in Designer 10 with cells in Excel or Word (table)?

    Hi again Mark,

    So you are linking the Google spreadsheet to the .xar file in some way???
    Very definitely.

    Google Drive, including Google Sheets is great. You can create a spreadsheet directly in Google Drive or you can upload an Excel sheet to Google Drive.

    Once created you can File / Export to Web.

    Google gives you a link to the sheet which you can then use on your site.

    Here's a link to the Google sheet showing the North section of your parking lot:


    Now open Xara and on layer MouseOff create a rectangle with the iframe link. Don't tick the regenerate bitmap copy at present, click Apply.

    <iframe src="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mvfL3m72wQmTj5xaTBGsnsLMhGi-0o0rLPlSBRV6xq0/pubhtml" height=1300 width=860 scrolling=0>
    <p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>
    NOTE I've removed the "?gid=0&single=true" end section of the url.

    The Height & Width values need to be altered until they fit the content, but only once they no longer need amending.

    Once you've previewed the content and are happy the required fields are being displayed, on the preview, reselect the placeholder, select "regenerate bitmap copy" and you'll get a true copy of the parking lot.

    Now create a new layer for the overlay map. Create an overlay map with holes to show the under-laid iframe.

    Preview & Print.

    To test it, download the attached xar and preview.

    If you want to edit the underlying spreadsheet:


    Amend the details in N3 section and wait a few moments and re publish the xar file. It will reflect your changes. The other cells have code to avoid me having to type in multiple values in this example.
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