Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 11 has just been launched.

As usual you can find an overview on our website @ http://www.xara.com/photo-graphic-designer/whats-new/ and more detailed information in the release notes @ http://xaragroup.magix.net/PGD11releasenotes/ but the highlights are:

• A big step forwards for the Brush Tool, with new Art Brushes and enhanced Scatter Brushes
• New industry standard blend / transparency modes
• Lots of new & improved text features including abbreviation expansion
• Document sync with Dropbox or GDrive
• Significant PDF and Word import improvements
• An extension of the Shape Editor Tool (Liquify Tools).

Gary Priester has done his traditional first look which you can find here http://xaragroup.magix.net/PGD11/

Fyi the Liquify Tools and latest SmartShapes (check out the new spiral) are the first quite simple examples of what can be created with our new plugin technology, for which we intend to publish an API so that third parties can add features, tools and SmartShapes. The API isn’t ready to be released yet, but if you’re a JavaScript developer and this sounds interesting, send us a ticket via support.xara.com to register your interest and we’ll keep you posted.