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    Default Text and Language issues

    First isssue:
    I am using P&GD10, which I purchased from the UK, so I have an English (UK and US) version.
    I do most of my work in Dutch (The Netherlands). I have searched Help to find out how I can find/download of install a Netherlands/Dutch dictionary, but cannot find a thing on this matter. The only dictionary my version has are English UK and English US. Perhaps I should have paid the additional cost to get a Dutch version, but then I probably would not have had any English dictionaries for the one US website I have. Or is there a better solution?

    Second isssue:
    As indicated above, I do use P&GD10 for the creation and maintaing of my websites. I am currently experiencing problems when I choose to justify text in a text box. It looks fine on screen, it looks fine in the preview, but when I preview it in FireFox or export and then publish it on my webspace, it seems like the final word of each paragraph is moved to the next line (even though there is plenty of space for it on the line where it is supposed to be) AND the following line is then shown over top of it. Doesn't matter whether I choose justification for the paragraph or have that preset in a Style. That final words is brought down and is superimposed on the following line. The current work-around is to not use justification anywhere.

    I'd like to use the Preview Current page (which IS present in WebDesign 9) to quickly view the page I am working on, but P&GD10 seems to only have the Preview (entire) website button in the WebTools. Is there a way to add that button to the WebTool box?


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    Default Re: Text and Language issues

    Second issue:
    DO NOT USE Full Justification.
    This is the cause. Not all browsers are created equal when they render text.
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    Default Re: Text and Language issues

    Xara uses Hunnspell for spell checking. You can add dictionaries just by copying .dic and .aif files in the dict folder under Xara's program folder. Dictionaries (including Nederlands) can be found at http://cgit.freedesktop.org/libreoff...ionaries/tree/ If you search for nl_NL.dic you may even find more up to date Dutch dictionaries. So, no need to update the whole program...



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