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    Default Xara 3-D and 3-D make 7 fonts

    Hello all I just upgraded my computer a few months ago and had installed a couple of my programs I needed for making emoticons and banners and other things. I just went to use it today.
    I had previously made some certain things with particular fonts and now when I try to load the old ones to use as a template and just change the name it is missing another font and replaces that one with something else. I don't want to open up any more until I find out about it because it keeps changing everything.

    It must've been so long ago I installed my original programs on the other computer I didn't remember getting any other fonts for the computer. I did the upgrade of the program to get the extra things that came with it all of the designs and other things whatever else it may have been.

    Can anybody point me to somewhere or if there's a particular package I may have installed previously many years ago. I am a quadriplegic enjoy these programs and have learned lots of things through other members who have connected to me and show me a lot of things. Any assistance appreciated regards Mark

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    Default Re: Xara 3-D and 3-D make 7 fonts

    I don't have Xara 3-D, but it could be that the fonts you're missing were installed by another program (or the new version of 3-D maker doesn't have them) maybe even a different version of windows. If the program shows you the name of the font, you might be able to find it in some of the font websites. If you still have the old computer, you could copy it too.
    If you just upgraded the programs, I don't know what could have caused the fonts to disappear, perhaps they were somehow deleted. Do they load in other programs?

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    Default Re: Xara 3-D and 3-D make 7 fonts

    in xara designer 'document info' [on the file menu] tells you which font have been substituted - not sure if 3D maker has this, worth having a look
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