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    Question Transfer NexusFont to USB

    Hi, I've been using NexusFont for a few days and I quite like it. I added several tags to a lot of my fonts but I need to move/copy NexusFont to a portable USB. I downloaded the portable version and copied it to the USB and I also copied the font folder that was on my computer and being used by installed NexusFont.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't get the tag data to move over to USB. I also tried importing the settings with "Import Old Settings" but that didn't work either. Can anyone give me a solution for this? Basically, what I want is to keep font data on the computer and USB in sync.

    Much Appreciated
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    Default Re: Transfer NexusFont to USB

    I have Nexus Font. I don't know if this will do what you want but why not create a shortcut to Nexus Font on your usb device. I don't know about tag data but a shortcut worked for me when I just tried it.
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