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    Default Just Released: Xara Web Designer 11

    Web Designer 11 has landed!

    You can find an overview on our website @ http://www.xara.com/web-designer/whats-new/ and detailed info in the release notes @ http://www.xara.com/webdesigner/notes but the highlights are:

    • Stickies – objects that stick in place as the page scrolls
    • Stretchy background images that fill the browser width
    • New animation effects available on mouseover, on click or on reveal
    • Text enhancements including auto-correction (abbreviation expansion)
    • This bullet point has BETA warnings all over it, but we think you’ll want to try it! cloud.xara introduces collaborative editing from anywhere on any device (at last)
    • Share & Sync your files via Dropbox or Google Drive

    Gary Priester has had huge fun trying out the new animation effects and sticky objects in his First Look @ http://xaragroup.magix.net/xwd11/. Plus we have a couple of demo sites @ http://www.xara.com/web-designer-examples/site1/ and http://www.xara.com/web-designer-examples/site2/ and for that matter the cloud.xara intro notes @ http://content.ixara.com/intro are a good demo of Stickies. Enjoy!
    Kate Moir

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    Default Re: Just Released: Xara Web Designer 11

    Thank you, Kate.

    Not in the least, I did notice that the update let v11 do a cold start on my machine within 6 seconds a vast improvement over the "hold your breath" 22 I've been not enjoying!





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