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    Question Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop crash while running

    Good day. While running these above mentioned programs i get the message: "Photoshop.exe (or Illustrator) - Application Error: The instruction at "0x2ac2a8dc "referenced memory at " 0x00000000 ". The memory could not be "read".
    Programs installed from the Adobe Design Premium CS 5.0 (License) package. The configuration of the machine: Asus P5KPL-AM, Intel Celeron E3400, 2 GB Ram, 250GB HDD. (Windows XP SP3, Office 2003, Symantec Endpoint Protection). The machine is in a domain, all the settings were performed under an account "Administrator domain."
    Numerous attempts to reinstall the programs result in nothing. But at the same time, the old Illustrator CS3 installs and works perfectly fine.

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    Default Re: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop crash while running

    Couldn't tell you what your error code means. If I was in your shoes I would phone Adobe help line. CS5 started using memory from the Graphics Card in both AI but especially in PS where it needs 256 Mb and it needs at least 2 Gb of ram but 4 is recommended. So I think it is a memory problem and the way it accesses the memory but I know nothing about the stated error code.
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    Default Re: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop crash while running

    Delete all the fonts except the system ones. Delete (all!) Adobefnt.lst Adobefnt ??. Lst files. Then reinstall the fonts as needed. Just in case, assign the TEMP environment variable in the control panel to the "shortest path", such as c: \ temp.

    Was CS3 installed on the same machine? Or CS5 is installed on a "clean" Windows..Could you write more detail about the "old version"? Perhaps, there are any conflicts. Download a cleaner from the official site. If AI doesn’t install on the clean Win, then you should connect with adobe support, I suppose. But first test your RAM.
    The last way – run a third-party. I think a good one might help. Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator - this one saved my data once https://illustrator.recoverytoolbox.com/ but I had a completely different problem. I cannot promise that it will help you in your case, read closely about it.



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