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    Default Exporting Producing low-quality images

    How come every time I export anything the quality drops drastically?Do I not have my settings correct? Is there anyway to keep the quality while using the format I need?

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    Default Re: Exporting Producing low-quality images

    When you export any graphic, when the export the image, the export dialog box pops up. Depending on what format you are exporting, the second tab in the dialog box is where you set the bitmap size (resolution), if you don't set a specific bitmap size, the default is 96 ppi, which is probably too low for your needs. You have to set the bitmap size to your specific needs - at least for the first image exported in a given session. Anything you export from the same Xara document will all export at the same resolution. Of course the next time you open the same document the resolution is defaulted to 96 dpi again.

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    Default Re: Exporting Producing low-quality images

    worth also checking the colour depth on the first tab [palette options] too; if that is set lower than 'true colour' it may affect quality and unlike bitmap colour size, colour depth does persist from session to session

    also, if you select 'export jpeg' or 'export png' from the menu, rather than 'export' you will need to click on the 'settings' button on the popup box to get these options...
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