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    Exclamation Better compatibility with Photoshop

    Xara has a wonderful ability to PDF export. Increasingly, my clients require PSD files as end format.
    The latest version of Xara became better PSD export. But:

    1. It would be great to export CMYK PSD files directly from Xara.
    2. It would be great, if original guide lines were visible in the PSD file too. Even Corel PaintShop Pro is able to do it. Why did not Xara?
    3. It would be fantastic great, convert the Xara layer to the native PS smart object. It works perfectly with the groups (group name\layer name).
    While I understand that this desire is already over.

    Each program with a set of this functions, is really a professional tool.

    There are still many things that I would like to have. For example, a full value mould tool. Barely it works with vector graphics. But it is absolutely not able to manipulate bitmap.

    Yes, still something. Transparensy type. It would be good to add other types of transparency. Which are used in Photoshop and similar programs.

    I hope that the Xara developers read the forum.
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