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Thread: Pop-Up Problems

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    Default Pop-Up Problems

    I have created a few pop-up pages but have now discovered an error in my technique. If you view this page from a touch-enabled device:


    You'll see four links, each of which invokes copy to its right. Scrolling or zooming work properly, but if one touches the screen instead (or lingers just a bit during a scroll or zoom), the text disappears. I don't want the text to disappear until the reader clicks one of the other four links. I note that there is a "close pop-up automatically" checkbox in Layer properties, but then the reader is required to click the X to make the text go away. I want the clicking of one of the other links to trigger the existing layer to close and the new layer to open.

    Can this be done?

    Rick A.
    Pleasanton CA

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    Default Re: Pop-Up Problems

    Would this be what you are looking for ?

    The link on the first is popup: "pop1" close "pop2" , "pop3" the other two follow the same logic.
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    Default Re: Pop-Up Problems

    That would indeed be what I am looking for! Many thanks...



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