The Adobe and Corel Software forums have closed to new posts. The existing posts will remain readable, but no new posts or replies to the existing posts can be made.

The membership's focus here on TalkGraphics from the beginning has been on Xara Products.

We no longer feel that TalkGraphics is the best place for users of Adobe, Corel and other products to receive meaningful and timely support for those products.

If you have questions about how to use Xara Products with other products from Adobe, Corell. ULead, and so on, please post in the appropriate Xara forum and someone will surely help. And if you need help transitioning from one of these products to Xara products or just want to know how something done in another program can be done in Xara, again, please ask in the Xara forums-- you will get great help there.

I want to thank Albacore and Christine Farrelly for their work as moderators in these forums. I am happy to say they are continuing as moderators, just with a different territory.