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    Default I am currently an Adobe Creative Cloud user--test driving Xara Designer Pro X10

    I asked this in the photography forum, did not see this until after I already posted. My question is anyone using Xara Designer Pro X10, if so is there a tool like Adobe's Refine Edge?
    I can't seem to find it.

    Also are you currently using Adobe products and are you also using Xara Designer Pro X10, which one do you like?

    I have been a long and loyal Adobe customer, however I am not happy with "having" to go cloud, and the fact they will not and did not create a "back compatiblilty" for my CS6 version. Meaning what ever is created using their cloud products can not and will not beable to be edited in my CS6 hard copy versions----Photoshop and Illustrator. So I am test driving the Xara Designer X10.

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    Default Re: I am currently an Adobe Creative Cloud user--test driving Xara Designer Pro X10

    No, there isn't anything equivalent to the Refine Edge in Xara products. Xara Designer Pro, while having a good smattering of capabilities for modifying bitmaps, is more akin to Illustrator, not Photoshop.

    I mainly use CS6 (and earlier somewhat) as far Illustrator and ID is concerned. I go month to month on CC when I have to use it for a client. Which has been exactly one job. Now, I don't know about Photoshop as I haven't ever upgraded it past CS3. So I have never needed to try to back-save or open a CC 2014 file in my now ancient version. But I have opened CS6 PSDs in CS3. Only new things specific to the newer version wouldn't translate. Same with my most oft-used image editor, some things don't translate in my tests. The in my tests phrase is important (more or less). With real working files I haven't had an issue.

    In Illustrator, one can back-save to a former version. With ID 2014, it is like it always has been, the IDML route for backward compatibility.


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    Default Re: I am currently an Adobe Creative Cloud user--test driving Xara Designer Pro X10

    I moved this post to the Xara Designer Chat forum where it might get more responses.

    Although in recent releases Xara has tried to separate their product line by use (print, web, photo edits, etc.) Designer Pro X10 has all the features in one program. I use Designer Pro for website design as well as print and a modest amount of photo editing. In 2014 I also did the typography and design for two paperback novels. And while there are many features we would like to see added, Designer Pro X gets the job done for me.
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