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    Default Using corel draw for vehicle / race car wraps

    Hey guys, new to the forum, new to corel draw (x7) but old to graphic design. I used to use photoshop to design with and some experienced folks have pushed me in the direction to use corel draw for this and Im stuck. Im not used to the interface with corel draw and im so lost its not funny. Do any of you guys use corel for this and if so how do you accomplish it with corel draw? I know its a large spectrum question, but im needing some real help here. The experienced folks I confered with are no longer in the business and Im left standing here like a starving quadrapallegic in an all you can eat buffet and no one to feed me. Any advice will do. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Using corel draw for vehicle / race car wraps

    Google the following...

    CorelDraw vehicle wraps

    And you'll get links to videos, websites with instructions, etc.





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