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    Yes please, looking forward to your review of it Bob

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    Sorry it's been so long. The Inkling arrived as promised on the 12th. and I spent a day setting it up and trying to get it to work. The problem was that the Inkling's software, a Sketch Manager wasn't recognizing the sketches I was drawing. I spent another day ploughing through the troubleshooting section of the user manual and adjusting the pen settings, but to no avail. Then I contacted wacom.eu and left a message on their site. I gave it a week, but answer came there none. Very disappointed at the total lack of customer service, so I've boxed it all up again and returned it to Amazon.
    I wasn't impressed with the Sketch Manager either, as it was clunky to use. Looking around at reviews of the Inkling, a common complaint was that rather than the results being curves, they tended to be very short lines with far too many nodes, making the results look like they were produced by a bitmap tracer.
    So, in the end I was happy to part with the Inkling and will now look around for an alternative.
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    Thanks for the feedback, sorry it didn't turn out quite so positive including no response from Wacom after a week. That's not good! Good thing you bought through Amazon so you can return.

    I managed to locate a basically unused Intuos Pro Large at a 'too good not pass up' price. I would have preferred the medium but beggars can't be choosers as they say lol. I've begun a large project to do with sublimation & textiles/fabrics that requires a lot of detailed work going over non-vectored stuff, so the large size creates a lot of to'ing and fro'ing, but I'm in the learning curve still big time. Getting used to it though - they're a great tool.

    For the project I need various other tools like a Pantone colour reference, one of those card packs that fans out. Got in touch with Pantone to ask for the correct one for my purpose as their site doesn't make it easy to decide, and they recommended I choose the Fashion/Home & Interiors which the site states "is NOT ideal for fabrics" (it's for wallpaper, paint for walls, accessories, plastics etc). So another TOP world leader in their field company that doesn't quite marry up to its status. Just a small tale to hopefully make you feel better Bob, as you are not on your own with such fun & games LOL.




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