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    Default X3 renders MUCH FASTER than X6 & X7 !

    Hello, for a little of my background, I have been using CorelDraw since 1992 Corel 3.

    Our company has been using CorelDraw X3 since 2007 but recently updated to X7. The problem presented here seems to be beyond my figuring out.

    We have CD X7 64bit running on 5 new computers w/Win7, 8 core x 4.2 cpu, 8-12gb DDR3, ASUS R9 280 series graphics. CD X6 also running on one of these machines.

    We have CD X3 32bit running on 1 computer w/XP, 4 core x 2.4 cpu, 4gb DDR2, Radeon 6850 graphics.

    We have tested performance of some of our graphic files on all machines:

    First file 170mb containing 30 thousand vector objects along with a few drop shadows, envelopes, bitmaps and fonts.

    Second file 573mb containing primarily bitmaps with a few vectors and fonts.

    Third file 20mb containing 1850 objects balanced between bitmaps and vectors with a lot of contours and some text.

    Files 1 & 3 opened 25% faster in X3, file 2 opened 50% faster in X7 (large file maxing out 3.25gb available ram in 32bit system)

    Now once files were opened all zoom and pan with lightning speed redrawing in X3 (absolutely no noticeable lag) whereas in X6 & X7 every move takes from 5 to12 seconds to redraw (an eternity for an android!)

    p.s. We have compared many other files all with similar results.

    Turning off Windows memory management improved the renderings by about 10%.

    Uninstalling Avast made about another 20%, although Avast is still running on the 32bit system and doesn't slow it down at all.

    I'm curious if 64bit vs 32bit OS is a factor in complicating the algorithms in Corel but I don't have a 64bit version of X3 to test.

    It seems like science fiction and it's VERY aggravating!

    Anyone else notice this problem or have any ideas?

    All help is very appreciated!

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    Default Re: X3 renders MUCH FASTER than X6 & X7 !

    Could it be anything to do with a higher screen res. controlled by the graphics card? check to see if same res. 64bit should eat your bitmaps and vectors should be not a problem. I am trying to think of things that would slow X6 down, maybe the way some fonts might be cached differently between machines. Can't think what's causing the llag when redrawing.
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