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    Default Adobe Illustrator error 3

    Hi, Iíve got an ADOBE Illustrator error 3, what does it mean? I need to work in it. Checked my PC for viruses everything is clear. Also installed it on my note all works. So wahtís the matter? Hoping for your help.

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    Default Re: Adobe Illustrator error 3

    You need to reinstall illustrator as it cannot find some folders and or files in some specific folders. This can happen due to overly aggressive virus software and also registry cleaners.

    If a simple reinstall doesn't work, you will need to uninstall, run the Adobe uninstall cleaner application for your version, then reinstall. You should be able to Google the download for the cleaner application, just make sure it is from Adobe's website. I am using a phone right now else I would post the URL for it. But if you end up needing it, just respond here and I'll fire up the computer.




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