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    Default Coreldraw trace window too large

    Just installed coreldraw X7 on laptop Aspire V3-571G 64 bit windows 8.
    Screen 1920 1040
    The trace window does not appear to be resizeable and is too high. Unable to move it up to access menu buttons.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Coreldraw trace window too large

    somewhere in the menu lists there should be an option to reset workspace to default - you could try that, but it will reset any customisations

    alternatively you could try full screen mode

    I am way out of date on coreldraw so I cannot give you the specific direction for version X7, but should be in help
    what can I say ?
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    Default Re: Coreldraw trace window too large

    Can only think it is the bitmap resolution. Why don't you resize out of CD in C/paint re save and bring it back in. If you dragged and dropped or copied and pasted this can happen so try import/open and see if you can control image size that way. Sorry for not being more CD orientated but I have not used CD since X2 so that wasn't yesterday.
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