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    Default Fill area with object randomly


    I trying to create area of a map to represent a forest. Is there a way in CorelDraw to randomly fill an area with an image of a small tree for example? I don't want to do a standard texture or pattern fill, I don't want it to look uniform.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: Fill area with object randomly

    I might draw 2 trees of different size and maybe style as well and then do a blend to get slightly different trees. The expand them (I am an AI person) and ungroup them and then push the copies around your map. You also can make a pattern with different size and styles and then use a pattern fill. Ok this might not look so randomly arranged it it would be quicker.
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    You can use the Artistic Media tool on the sprayer setting. I have CorelDraw X5 and it has a couple of tree sets in the Plants sprayer list. You could make your own list and then you just draw in a random pattern in the area you want the trees and you get a a bunch of them. You can edit the placement by editing the point of the line they are connected to or you can brake them apart and ungroup them and move them individually.
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