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    Default Modifying multiple art boards at once


    I have multiple versions of my resume as art boards in an A.I file, and I'm wondering whether it is possible to make changes to text/objects etc. on all the art boards at once?
    I know this is possible in photoshop with multiple versions of the same photo so I thought there might be a similar feature.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Default Re: Modifying multiple art boards at once

    The only shortcut I could remember was "Shift+O" to resize artboards all at the same time. Had to do a search on the topic and up came most of the commands for the artboards here: http://krankykids.com/cheatsheets/il...artboards.html
    Hope that helps. The only time that I seem to use multiple boards is for a PDF doc. and to be honest I tend to use ID for that job as the PDF's are much more reliable. The other time is when I am doing Biz. templates for a biz card, letter head, invoice......etc. for a company and that doesn't happen often now.
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