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    Default New bug in Xara 10 - Color propagation bug

    How to prove this error.
    First create a square on the screen in Xara 10.
    Color it blue.

    Copy & paste this square. Change the copy's color to green.
    Copy & paste the green square. Change that copy's color to red.

    Select the green square and the red square. Do a BLEND operation from the green to red squares. Select the blend group, CONVERT TO EDITABLE SHAPES. Then UNGROUP the blend.

    Now for the Color Picking Error Bug.

    Rectangle Select the line of blended color squares.
    Click the COLOR PICKER eyedropper icon, drag the COLOR PICKER eyedropper onto the blue square. Have all the selected squares changed to blue? Why not? A list propagation error (count 0 to ten, but only run the loop from 1 to 10 or from 0 to 9).

    Was working on a business card that I needed to change colors on.
    I selected all the red objects in the card and did a color picker copy to the new red color.
    After I did this it didn't copy to all of the selected objects. I thought it was annoying, so I did the quick test above to verify.
    It always left one square as the previous color.

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    Default Re: New bug in Xara 10 - Color propagation bug

    You didn't specify how many steps so I chose 12.

    When you click on the green or red shapes and open the Colour editor, the editor displays the HSV model; the inner squares display the RGB model.

    If you select any combination of more than one square, the further back one is the only one that changes colour with the colour bar or Colour editor pickers.

    If you promote that one to the front, the next one up changes colour.

    The shapes are retaining an aspect of their blend.

    Good call,
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    Default Re: New bug in Xara 10 - Color propagation bug

    I get the sa,e thing when I try it, only one of the squares changes color after using the eyedropper to select the blue of the first square.

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    Default Re: New bug in Xara 10 - Color propagation bug

    I think the behavior is because XDP (in my case) still believes it is a blend. The convert to editable shapes isn't removing XDP's blend behavior for recoloring the start/end parts of the blend.

    Strikes me this was discussed/mentioned in the not to distant past.

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    Default Re: New bug in Xara 10 - Color propagation bug

    It's nothing to do with blends. Just create numerous rectangles of different colours, Drag select them and try changing their colour using the eyedropper Only 2 change colours & only one adopts the eyedropper selection colour, the second one to change only takes on a shade of that colour.

    By the way, if you select the small purple square and copy it, then drag select the rectangles and Ctrl+Shift+A they all change colour as expected.
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    Default Re: New bug in Xara 10 - Color propagation bug

    xdpx [ver8] works as expected - all rectangles are changed
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    Default Re: New bug in Xara 10 - Color propagation bug

    Hi matrix29bear also provided a detailed error report to the support team and a bug has been logged.

    Weve added the example file from Egg to the bug report


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    Default Re: New bug in Xara 10 - Color propagation bug

    Thanks, Bhav.



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