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    Default Export Webdesigner pages with a .php extension.

    Webdesigner is truly a great tool to design websites. I can even integrate php-script in a placeholder or header and footer (in short: everywhere I wanted to) and it will work fine, provided I rename the extention of the exported page to .php. Because every time when i make changes to a page, Webdesiner exports it as .htm and I always need to change it manualy. Wouldn't it be a great idea if Xara Webdesigner could export it as a php-file directly. All you need to do is add this possibility to the export drop downbox. It would save me a lot of time.
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    Default Re: Export Webdesigner pages with a .php extension.

    Just rename the page with .php at the end and it will export as that extension.

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    Default Re: Export Webdesigner pages with a .php extension.

    Whoops, edit, my misunderstanding

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