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    Default Advancing your Photoshop Skills

    Greetings to all my fellow digital artist,

    My name is Jason and I am a local artist in Texas and wanted to reach out to the masses to share my success that I've had in the artistic world. First here’s a little about me. I was born and raised in Houston, TX and found an interest in art at a very early age. I never possessed a great deal of raw talent but I had drive even at a young age.

    In the late 80’s I was a big comic book fan and I started my journey in art with traditional pencil, pen and ink, explored prisma color pencils, Professional grade markers, watercolor, acrylic, and finally airbrushing. While just starting high school in 1994, I caught the Photoshop bug. It was what I would've considered revolutionary but often found it difficult to achieve the desired effects I wanted.

    During my high school stint I worked for a small local comic book company called Random Comics as a colorist and found happiness there but wasn't quite where I felt I could be. After wasting many dollars in tutorials and books I recently came across an online course that completely up’d my skills within the digital world. After a few years of staying locked up in a world of art and some solitude, I thought to myself, “Why not share my experience with other artist out there that who are frustrated with their progress and want to make improvements.
    Below are a few links, one of which is my personal Facebook page which has a few samples of my digital artwork. I wish everyone who reviews the material much success.

    Photoshop Tutorials:

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    Default Re: Advancing your Photoshop Skills

    Don't think you will get much up take if you don't give punters more of a look at the content and style of your tuts. Give then 1 free tut. and you might get some interest it is only a suggestion. Also here at TG we don't take to kindly to people advertising paid content so be warned as I could quite easily delete this thread.

    It has been brought to my knowledge that place an ad. here in TG is not allowed at all. So I have removed the Url's for both Facebook and you tutorial site which makes this thread rather pointless.
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