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    Default Regretfully updated from X5 to X7 -assistance please

    Hail the reader
    I used X5 very successfully - It had a special little add on called Photozoom pro which was great for turning any line drawing or internet clipart into a good vector. I do not find this in X7 - I have a need to continuously upgrade line drawings to vectors for laser engraving.

    Does X7 have an alternative method - I find the changes they made to the working area very disturbing - in my view certainly not an improvement.
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Regretfully updated from X5 to X7 -assistance please

    BenVista's PhotoZoom is a software for increasing/decreasing the resolution/size of a bitmap.

    CDX7 uses autotrace for converting bitmaps to vector, just like every other version of CD has.




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