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    Question e-Flyer - HTML text and graphics

    Looking for any tutorials on how to create an e-Flyer using X10.
    mailChimp is not on option, just looking on how to design in Xara, and reassemble the text and graphics as an e mail ad.
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    Default Re: e-Flyer - HTML text and graphics

    Hi sadicus, firstly I would not recommend doing this without some sort of service unless you are up to date on the anti spam laws of any/every country where you will be sending these out to.

    secondly as far as I know the html that Xara generates is not suitable for creating e- flyers so you could create the graphics and do your own coding. You could probably get help with this in the Xara web design area.

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    Default Re: e-Flyer - HTML text and graphics

    Thanks for the info.
    sadicus - Win10 ● nvidia 32GB ● XDP16



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