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    Default Site Feedback for SEO Improvements

    I would like advice and feedback on a site I published March 2014. I use Google and Yahoo Webmaster Tools to push out all of my websites but still, without entering the domain name for this site, it doesn’t show up in searches (I quit looking at page 6). I read tons on improving SEO, made changes to the Page Title to include keywords, etc.

    Taking an honest look at the site myself, I think there are way too many photos on the site and I’m not very pleased with the wording on several pages but, my client would have it no other way. For all the work that went into building this and handling 200 plus photos, this is my least satisfied client of all. I understand that it takes a while for sites to show up but I would greatly appreciate having some honest feedback on what I can do to improve this site….content, photos, keywords, etc.

    Side question…..has anyone else experienced Google analytics tracking codes disappearing from the site?


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    Default Re: Site Feedback for SEO Improvements

    I think you have done a good job. I did not SEO audit the site.

    You need to set some realistic expectations for yourself and the owner. We have been doing this Webmaster thing on a continuous basis for about 6 months. One site has done well getting to a high second page position very quickly, another has a mid third page after about 6 months. This site is in a very competitive sector, so is the other. They both are in the home services too.

    There are so many variables at play here. Is the keyword targeting researched thoroughly? This is the first thing I would address if bothering with this SEO BS. But it should be obvious what the keywords would approximate to? Maybe, Maybe not. We built a site and from a certain point of view it is wrong, change the viewing angle a bit and not too bad. Be realistic, let them know it is a big job and not a trivial matter. Results are not immediate and need to be earned.

    You need to make a competitiveness assessment and set some realistic expectations for your sanity. I did this, I began to identify with myself as a nut job. The site that is on page 3, this will not improve in the short term. No way. Not without rock solid social media and back linking. Both things that make me sick. 6 months is nothing compared to the upstream sites who have been around for years. We do better than some established brands, brands established obviously before SEO.

    Time and content. Turn the gallery into an informatics center. This is what we did for a site and got much longer page views and overall site visit times improved, And so did repeat visits (probably spies). Tell a story, get the client involved, make stuff up. Much more beneficial than a few static images. Change the gallery to "Project Center" add stories, this can be a keyword goldmine. It is hard keeping content original and riveting when the subject does not change much. However, be selective. Focus on better content. This is the first thing I would look into. Also make them supply high quality shots, from professional photographers with pro gear. Not that all the photos are ordinary.

    Those are my immediate thoughts.

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    Default Re: Site Feedback for SEO Improvements

    Very nice site. All the photos in your slide show appear to be lower resolution than Windows screen resolution (96dpi).

    I would use fewer images, maybe 12 instead of 24, but photos that are sharper and 96dpi. Pick one or two photos for the major pool options. Make people want to see more instead of showing them every pool design you have done.
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    Default Re: Site Feedback for SEO Improvements

    Sorry if I'm chiming in late for a response, but I looked over your site (looks good btw) but there's a lot of textual content that is being converted to images. This is going to hurt your SEO quite a bit. You probably have your text blocks grouped with some other graphic and Xara is converting it to an image. That needs to be fixed if possible. Another thing that would increase your page rank would be to include some H1, H2, ect. tags. Google still uses heading tags as a part of their algorithm and it would help classify your site on search results.

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    Default Re: Site Feedback for SEO Improvements

    Also get your site listed on Google Maps. This often gets a listing higher than all the dreadful listing sites.

    See the screen grab attached. Notice how the 3 businesses who have a link on Google Maps are just below the paid for listings on page 1.

    Have you included a site map for google spiders?
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