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    Wink Need Help with Web Design On Shopify

    Hey Guys,

    Pretty familiar with HTML but I'm trying to get this design going but I don't know how to upload the source code to shopify. Also not sure how to link the CSS.


    Maybe that's not even the best solution. I need to have the page look like this http://www.necessaryclothing.com/features.html I'm just not sure if there is something out there that will do a grid like that easily.

    Thanks so much I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure this out.

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    Default Re: Need Help with Web Design On Shopify

    I am not 100% sure because Its been a long time I used shopify

    CSS and all other files you got in editor panel.

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    Default Re: Need Help with Web Design On Shopify

    See all files in editor panel in your shopify.



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