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    Question Request help with changing color palettes

    I recently started trying to learn to use CorelDraw 5 and Photopaint 5. I have never used this type of graphic software before. My understanding of color palettes and the different ones used is abysmal.

    I have an embroidery business and I also do heat transfers. I am trying to get a black and white photograph that I have scanned ready to make a cad-printz out of it (product by Transfer Express) - essentially a digitial heat transfer.

    I scanned the photo, resized it in PhotoPaint, added some lettering and uploaded it. The photo uploaded as RGB and they tell me they can only use CMYK.

    I am totally lost. I know PP5 will convert to different color scales but I can not find a CMYK pallette when I try to convert.

    Is it even possible to convert a black and white photo from RGB to CMYK?

    Any help at all is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Request help with changing color palettes

    Sorry don't use PP but do use PS for this job. I would always use Grayscale or lab conversion to do this job depending if it was for a newspaper or not. Have a look at this first ling which gives info on colour modes and examples of results in PP; http://corelphoto-paintx5.pp.ua/Chan...of_images.html
    The other link again gives a one click solution and if you are happy with fine go ahead and use it if not comeback and I will give you some more help but it will be based on PS. Also you can do a search yourself converting RGB to Grayscale in Photo Paint: http://community.coreldraw.com/blogs...graysacle.aspx
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