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Thread: CS5 Updates

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    Hi, I'm not sure were to ask this question in the forum. Has anyone had problems trying to update CS5 lately? I tried to reinstall on a fresh hard drive but the updates keep failing, so I download as much as I could from http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates.html

    The two last updates that will not install are:

    Adobe Extension Manager CS5

    Adobe Flash Pro CS5 - Adobe Pixel Bender Toolkit 2.5 Update

    Both of these programs still work without the update. I also installed the Application Manager update, but it seems now that you can not side step the Creative Cloud stuff because it put a icon on the desktop to sign in to CC.

    Thanks for any help, I would also advise to download any updates for your CS suites since we don't know when Adobe will do away with the downloads.

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    I think you are OK for a further 5 years trying update your suite before Adobe puts in all out there for all other Adobe account users to use. There are too many small firms not wanting to use the cloud at the moment and Adobe knows this now and is willing to provide backup according to one of my friends who works through in Edinburgh in their support centre. However don't know how to solve your problem I only update Illustrator & InDesign and both updated fine. My only suggestion can be did you right click the download and "Run as administrator"?
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    Hi Albacore, Just got off chat with Adobe, they said they no longer supported by phone or chat and I should go to forums.adobe.com or www.adobe.com/devnet for the technical assistance. For all of us that still use old Adobe software, please go download your updates for Adobe software just encase you need to re-install http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates.html I agree with you about 5 years but who knows.

    The Adobe Application Manager did not want to update CS5 don't know about any other CS suites CS5.5 or CS6

    Thanks again
    Take Care

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    Default Re: CS5 Updates

    I also used the software. I want to how it updated.

    Advanced Thanks.




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