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    Default Web Designer 10 for HTML e-mails

    Can Web Designer 10 be used to produce responsive HTML e-mails? The HTML coding requirements for e-mails is different to that from web sites. The single page supersites would be great if they can output HTML for e-mails.

    There is a real need for good HTML e-mail design software.

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    Default Re: Web Designer 10 for HTML e-mails

    Xara cannot do that, if you want html emails you can design yourself then by far the best option is http://mailchimp.com/ their free option is the most generous around. Not only will you be able to design the email exactly as you want it you'll be able to have a full database of subscribers and widgets to collect subscribers and the best thing is that an email coming from mailchimp is unlikely to go into the trash/junk folder.
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