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    Default Re: unable to connect to server

    Thanks Pooterman for taking the time to post your help guide. Unfortunately for me anyway it doesn't work.

    My details are correct in the registry and tried the MSI reinstall trick. No joy it still gives me the unable to connect error.

    Very frustrating.

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    Question Re: unable to connect to server

    I am having the same problem now. I thought that it might be the firewall or my anti-virus software so I disabled it and I still get the error. I have installed a new virus protection and tried again with the same results..I get the cannot connect to server. Error number 0x80040155. I am connected to the internet and almost all of the templates that I have have a download arrow on them. I have purchased the temp package 1-5 and still have the same templates nothing new...there are not dollar signs just download arrows.

    any help?


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    Default Re: unable to connect to server

    I've just reinstalled Windows and everything, including Webstyle. No problems with downloading templates from the server.

    I was using the old XaraClub login (username (not email address) and password).




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