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    Default Navigation Bar color/font problem


    For some reason I cannot change color and font in navigation bar. It just don’t do anything after everything changed. Also when I drop menu, it asks me “match colors and styles”, it doesn’t matter what I choose. It doesn’t change anything. What’s go on?

    Another questions, is it possible insert this menu http://apycom.com/ in XWD9?


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    Default Re: Navigation Bar color/font problem

    I agree this one is definitively the best solution. No need to use sizeWithFont, and I like the idea of overriding the setTitle method.

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    Default Re: Navigation Bar color/font problem

    I moved your post from the WebStyle to the Web Designer forum.

    To change the text color for your navigation bar, select the text for the Home button (or whatever you have named your first page) and change the color, style, size, etc. This will change all the other buttons for the MouseOver layer.

    Open the Page & Layer Gallery, click the S icon next to the MouseOff layer (to isolate the layer which is hidden behind the MouseOver layer) and makes the same changes.

    Then click the S icon again to disable the isolated view.

    You can use the menus from Apycom.com, but it is a bit more complicated and requires a placeholder and a few other steps.

    You create your menu, then copy the code from the index.html page apycom generates, and paste the code into the placeholder.

    You also need to have the folders that apycom creates in the root directory of your website because the generated code references these folders.
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