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    Default Hitting the Wall: Xara goes into straight mode?

    We do draw a lot a we want to draw fast. And sometimes you hit the wall.But XDP9 has a flaw that I ddn't experienced before and that I'd like to check with users on this forum. But only those with a Pen like a Wacom or nTrig. So all users with a tablet with pressure sensitive setup are susceptible too.

    Try to doodle a line with your pen by circling around fast and long. In my experience the lines go less smooth and eventually will evolve to straight lines (see attached screendump) Once you hit that level Xara tends to straighten every move you make with that pen.

    I've hit this behaviour when I was doodling on a rather outclassed tablet with rather ancient hardware (a Portege m400 with only 2gb Ram and a Pentium T2600 (dual core). I can repeat this behaviour on a M700 with a core2duo and 4Gb albait it takes longer to hit the wall.

    Could anyone confirm this behaviour?
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    Default Re: Hitting the Wall: Xara goes into straight mode?

    Hi Michael,

    Yes this is a known issue that's been discussed on the forums before. I can't find it ATM but I believe it has to do with screen redraw. What I do is to lift my stylus more often and try to keep my lines shorter.

    My current Xara software: Designer Pro 365 12.6

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