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    Default Easier way to embed google calendar than widget

    After banging my head against trying to get a decent google calendar in my xara website using widgets I gave up and found a very quick and dirty way to do it by pasting HTML from google - its a lot easier than I thought from my days with Netobjects Fusion 4-11 (spit)

    Get your Google calendar up.
    On the left find My Calendars, then your named calendar with a little coloured box next to it
    Click the down arrow [v]
    That brings up a drop down menu [ Display� ][Calendar settings� ][Create Event� ][Share this�]
    [Reminders�][create new calendar]
    Click on [calendar settings ]
    In the middle of the screen you will see �Paste this code into your website� box. You can customise the look and feel at this stage. Click on update html when done
    Copy the code CTRL + A then CTRL + C
    Go to your xara web page
    Draw a box any box, left click on it to bring up �Web Properties�
    Select the �Placeholder tab�
    Select replace with html code body
    Paste the text in the box CTRL + V
    Preview in web browser

    Job done!
    hope this helps someone, somewhere
    steve dunning

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    Default Re: Easier way to embed google calendar than widget

    Welcome to TalkGraphics Steve

    Great tip. Thanks.

    I still use NOF 12 for a few legacy sites but I hope to be rid of it for good soon. Xara is so much easier.
    Gary W. Priester
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    , Sir

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