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    Default Paint Shop Pro x2 locking some of my JPG and PNG files

    Good Morning,

    I'm having some issues with my paint shop pro x2. Some of my files get locked after saving them and it gets annoying after a while since I have to keep saving them as a different name after making changes to the original PSPimages file.

    It only happends with JPG and PNG images.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Paint Shop Pro x2 locking some of my JPG and PNG files

    What do you mean by 'locked'?
    You save them and then can't open them again?

    Something could be corrupted in which case you might like to try to reset PSPX2 using the Shift key method.
    Save your current workspace.
    Close PSP.
    Open PSP and hold the Shift key as you open it. This will generate a message telling you that PSP is reverting to it's default settings. Click OK.
    Try again .
    You will have to reset some settings in File>Preferences>General Preferences if you had previously changed any.





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