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    Lightbulb Download free fonts

    Fonts give unique expression to our documents, web pages, posts, greeting cards and graphics. If you are a unique and creative graphics designer, adding a uniquely created font will enhance the impact of your created masterpiece. Though different fonts sites are available, yet 'Fonts Bucket' is a place where you can get versatile fonts including basic, fancy, script, techno, holiday fonts and many more, and that's all available FREE.

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    Default Re: Download free fonts

    "______bucket, the most astonishing and proceeding brand of typography industry, flourishing with a leading edge, taking you in another world of display"
    you are definitely on another level when it comes to ingrish, please get a native ingrish speaker to correct your website
    actually i am amazed at the similarity between your content and www.dafont.com a great free font site
    is that just a conincidence?
    the image on this page http://www.dafont.com/darktech-ldr.font is identical to the image for the same font on your site
    except the one on your site seems blurred, resampled

    edit: my ingrish is really crap tonight, apologies to all native ingrsih spikkers
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