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    Question Navigation Bar in multiple positions on a page

    I am listing training courses in categories all on one webpage. I would like to have navigation of some sort at the top of each section for the user to be able to jump to the category of their choice at anytime. It would be nice to hear other ideas of how to achieve this task. Thank you to all who respond!!

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    Default Re: Navigation Bar in multiple positions on a page

    You can link to 'anchors' , simply name the element you would like to link to (the little yellow pencil icon in the top bar) or right click on the object and select 'names' give each one an individual name and link the buttons of the nav bar to the relevant named object.
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    Default Re: Navigation Bar in multiple positions on a page

    See this post by sledger http://www.talkgraphics.com/showthre...679#post470679 You can create a nav bar (but not with rollovers--that is a bit trickier) that will remain in a fixed position on the page regardless of the length of the page and the amount of scrolling required.

    Or, you could create a text menu with all the titles linked to anchors under each section.



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