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    Default How to change a colour on an image?

    Hi all,

    Bit of a newbie question if you don't mind. I am working on a few images for a friends website, and am trying to change the color in one of the images.

    The image is here: http://www.zen87038.zen.co.uk/image/gs_golf_glove1.png

    I am trying to make the black stripe on the glove that moves from the thumb to the forefinger from black to blue. What I'm trying to keep intact though is the various changes in gradient / depth of the black (shades etc?). The stripe isn't just pure "black" it has different shades. I tried just replacing the black stripe with a plain blue colour, but it looked rubbish as none of the shades as the light hits the contours were kept.

    Anyone be able to help me out please?

    I am using Paint Shop Pro X2.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: How to change a colour on an image?

    Select the black stripes with the Magic Wand.
    Layers>New Raster Layer
    Fill the selections with blue.
    Set the Blend Mode of the new Raster Layer to Screen is one way, you can try Color(L), or Soft Light.
    It will need some experimentation :-)
    You can duplicate the blue a few times for a stronger result.





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