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    Default widening present narrow web page

    hi, as u will see i'm new at this.
    i have designed a webpage [xara designer pro x] and it is online but only covers the central 30% of the browser page.
    now that's too small and wastes a lot of cyber real estate
    1. is there a way of 'automatically' fixing this
    2. if not can i design a wider site-page [maybe like this one?]

    the site is www.pediater.co.za

    tx in advance for any help!

    God bless
    '... and then there was Corel Draw v.2 for MS Windows 3 on my superfast 286'

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    Default Re: widening present narrow web page

    Xara Web Designer pages are 'fixed width'. They do not automatically expand to fit whatever browser window size the visitor might happen to have.
    So while you may see only 30% of your view covered, that's not necessarily true for everyone.
    There's no way to change this to automatic resize in Xara Web Designer.



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