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    Default Dropdown menu links to anchor in text

    Quote Originally Posted by champ View Post
    If I am understanding correctly you want to link the sub menus to those categories. If yes, I would go to your navigation menu bar properties by double clicking on your navigation bar you created. Then I would check the settings category and make sure you have the "automatically link to all pages" option unchecked. That way when you create a new page it doesn't automatically create a new tab in your navigation menu bar. Once you do that when you create a new page go back to your navigation menu bar and create the sub-menu you want and link it to the new pages you create. Let me know if that resolves your problem.

    I am sorry, I do not believe I worded this correctly. I have a very long page or sponsors for this non-profit website. The orginizer would like for the sub menu under sponsors to be clicked on and taken right to the specific category listed on the page instead of the reader having to scroll enlessly to find sponsors under "medical". They don't want the sub-catagories to be seperate pages, just to drop down to the specific area on one page.... Can this be done? Thanks for your help and I hope this clears up things some.

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    Default Re: Xara Web Designer MX Premium 8 Video Tutorials and Xara Web Designer 7 Premium

    This should probably be a separate thread?

    Tom, you can do this using objects as named anchors, then appending the link URL in the navbar submenu properties with #name

    EG: If the anchor name is acme then the jump link would be pagename.htm#acme

    Please see attached (the anchors are the red objects which can be made the same colour as the background to hide them)
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    Default Dropdown menu links to anchor in text

    I have moved these two posts into their own thread.
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