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    Default Agree or disagree: In memory of Bill Taylor How about a Horse font?

    In memory of Bill Taylor
    “How about a Horse font?
    Barbara had an excellent idea for creating and dedicating a typeface to Bill Taylor’s memory.
    She’s thinking outside of the box.
    Instead of patterns or Cherokee glyphs…Bill’s name on tg is “Soquili”…”horse”.
    One of the most famous series of horse pictures is Edward Muybridge’s motion study of a jockey riding a horse. The images are Public Domain (this study is over 100 years old, 1878), and what I did with this animated GIF is just take the guy off the horse. I think the imagery itself has a sort of majesty and magic, a fitting dedication, I feel.
    So what about we re-render this motion study as vector art, and make each frame into a font character? Make the mane flowing, remove the saddle, make the artwork free and untethered.
    And then we show people how to type each character on a frame in Xara to recreate the motion study?
    I feel strongly that overall, it would be an inspired effort that matches Bill’s tireless spirit.”

    Does everyone agree? If so then Gare will start feeding us retouched images to trace and make this unique font a reality.

    Name:  Muybridge-study.gif
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