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    Tip from Ross Macintosh, via Jonathan Payne, with some great additions in the Xara forum from many others. Thanks Guys! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    I've been playing around with the contour tool after seeing the tip Xaran Jonathan Payne put on his web site.

    I thought of the title "the void" because with this technique you can't really anticipate the results. What is really fun about the technique is the interactive nature of creating the effects. Basically the technique involves applying a many-stepped contour to a shape with a linear fill. After it has been contoured you select the original shape and then modify its fill. In almost real time Xara X rerenders the contour. (I say "almost" because it does get slow when there are hundreds of contour steps). You can also select the contour itself independant of the original shape and modify its fill. Visit Jon's page and you'll see his tip in a tutoral.

    The technique allows very different effects to be created as the my attachments show.

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