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    Default Favicon not the correct one

    I created a favicon in Xara Designer Pro 7 and it showed up fine when I uploaded the site to the server. However, I changed the design of the icon, assigned it a name in the name gallery as I did with the first one and it still shows the old favicon.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Default Re: Favicon not the correct one

    You may need to clear your browser cache after uploading the new icon to see the changes. Otherwise your browser will load the image from the cache on your computer for you site.

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    Default Re: Favicon not the correct one

    Press F5 or if need be Ctrl + F5.

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    Default Re: Favicon not the correct one

    Quote Originally Posted by gwpriester View Post
    Press F5 or if need be Ctrl + F5.
    sadly the favicon doesn't refresh as easily as that all the time
    often needs a really good kick in the pants to refresh
    (maybe depends on the browser, i only use ff)
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