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    Default HTML file upload code

    I've asked a similar question before but to little avail, but I have more detail now.
    I've just finished my website (www.printellect.info) and would like to add a file upload section.
    I know how to add code, I just can't program it myself.
    For an example of what I'm after is here: http://www.tizag.com/htmlT/htmlupload.php
    A submit button is needed and ideally a progress bar, and when done something to say completed (or something like that) I would then like the file to be emailed direct to me from there.

    Is there anyone who knows the code or how I can achieve this?
    A big thank you in advance! And if any site feedback is welcome too. Still tweaking it though!


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    Default Re: HTML file upload code

    here's a handy tutorial on doing it yourself


    remember, if you include php code on your page you will have to rename it from mypage.html to mypage.php
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    Default Re: HTML file upload code

    Visit filejam site and look at HTML source upload code. I take it too
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