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    Default Xara Nav Bar / Menu Shows up when I "Preview" in Firefox 13.0.1 but not when...

    Product: MenuMaker 1.1 & Dreamweaver 8
    Operating System: Windows XP
    Browser Version: Firefox 13.0.1
    Note: All Javascript enabled


    Hello everyone,
    This is my first time posting here so I hope I'm in the correct forum...

    Xara Nav Bar / Menu only shows up when I "Preview" in Firefox 13.0.1 it also shows up in Safari Browser as well as IE8.
    However, when I open Firefox and actually go to my websites it does the following for my website(s):

    For: http://www.Proluminescence.com it first shows an outline of the menu, then when I click "Home" (located on the far left) the browser refreshes and then the menu shows up. Does anyone know what is
    happening here?

    For: http://www.ap-productions.net an outline of the menu shows up but not the graphics. Also the Drop-Down menus work as programmed. Refreshing Firefox does not work. I deleted the cache & web History and this still does not work.
    Any help would be appreciated...

    Also it seems that when I re-do one menu (the main horizontal one on top) other vertical menus disappears (See: http://www.ap-productions.net/mncJP.html) Why Does this happen?
    Itís as if Xara Menu Maker has a bad short term memory!

    Am I declaring my Doc Type wrong? I read that Menu Maker does not work with DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional so How should I exactly declare it?

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    Default Re: Xara Nav Bar / Menu Shows up when I "Preview" in Firefox 13.0.1 but not when...

    Welcome to TalkGraphics

    I moved your post to the Xara Menu Maker forum.

    I am not familiar with Xara Menu Maker but I'm sure some of the other members are and can help you.

    Xara does, I believe, include instructions for how to add your menu to Dreamweaver though I am not sure if they have kept up with the many changes Dreamweaver has made over the years.
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    Default Re: Xara Nav Bar / Menu Shows up when I "Preview" in Firefox 13.0.1 but not when...

    Your navbars may need to be reinserted into dreamweaver. Checkout the Xara Support for Menu Maker and Dreamweaver at: http://support.xara.com/index.php?_m...=454&nav=0,454

    I checked all three of the URLs you provided and the links to the CSS for each URL is not found, this may also be the cause of the problem. Your navbars are not working correctly for any browser I have installed the first URL will show the buttons after clicking on any of them. First time going to the Home page with any new browser session the buttons are blank.
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