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    Default Website redesign, using Xara

    Live today, my http://jon404.com website -- with its key pages all remade using Xara Designer Pro. A few secondary pages left in Front Page code.

    Am very happy. Able to do page layout same as for an ad or brochure. Not being a Xara web expert (or anything close to it), I kept things simple. Found that if I kept each page as a separate 'website', it was easy to make updates just by uploading that page and its _files folder.

    Best news -- made my first sale directly from the new website! You see, this redesign coincides with a marketing change. Up to now, I've sold my books through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and local bookstores. But that was only the first step -- as of today, I'm selling PDF e-books directly from http://jon404.com.

    Xara is wonderful!

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    Default Re: Website redesign, using Xara

    Hi Jonathon, a good example of a 'to-the-point' website, with no distractions. I suppose ALL websites should be like this, without whistles and bells, when you have a good product and people are looking for that product. One thing I think you should avoid though, is the email address. I have never dealt with a vendor with a Yahoo address, ( or Hotmail, or AOL etc) it does not instill confidence. Since you have your own domain, I strongly recommend using it for your email address, which adds credence to your business? Something like "sales@jon404.com" or "info@jon404.com".
    I agree with you that Xara is a great tool.

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    Default Re: Website redesign, using Xara

    looks a bit squashed !




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