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    Unhappy Text on a circular path

    Using: Xara Photo & Graphic Design 6
    AMD Athlon II X2 255 Processor 3.10 GHz
    2.00GB (1.75 GB usable) RAM
    64-bit OS

    I follow the tutorial in the Xara Help, but cannot get the results shown.
    I draw the circle, compose the text, and set it to the middle
    Select both circle and text
    Arrange/Fit Text to Curve....the text appears around the lower, right side of the cirle
    After all this I am unable to manipulate the text
    (It's a piece of cake to do this in Publisher 2010, but it has some minor problems in appearance)

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    Default Re: Text on a circular path

    It sounds like you are doing it right. After you get your text on the curve, how are you tring to edit the text?
    To edit use the text tool and put the cursor where you need it. If you want to delete a word or words or change the font in any way select that part with the tex tool. If your text is not in the right place on the curve or circle in this case convert circle to editable shape an then with the shape selector break and delete API t somewhere on the line you don't need.
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    Default Re: Text on a circular path

    Manipulating the text on a line really is flexible. The starting point will depend on the starting point of the circle. (You can always rotate this) Once you have the text on the circle you'll find you can still use the text alignment (justify) and the letter spacing and line height controls. You can also select the circle and reverse the order. The text may then flip inside. If you play around for a bit it will become much easier.



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